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20th February 2019 – Exclusive Menopause and Women’s Health Workshop.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman……

Do you struggle with the monthly misery of PMS, mood swings, sugar cravings and pain?

Horrible symptoms of PCOS, weight gain, hirsutism and infertility?

Hot flushes, the emotional roller coaster and all the upper body weight gain and physical changes of menopause?

You don’t have to put up with these symptoms!

Join National Renowed Dietitan, Nigel Denby at Stonegate Medical Clinic to learn the tips and advice you need to improve your symptoms and become a healthier, happier, YOU!

Nigel has specilised in women’s health for over 20 years, he believes diet and lifestyle can significantly improve the symptoms of womens health issues. He also works along-side the UK’s leading Gynaecology teams and women’s health experts. “Together we can tailor make a medical and lifestyle care package to put you back in charge of your health and wellbeing.’

Who is Nigel Denby?

Nigel has 20 years’ experience – helping people to eat better, feel better and change their lives through practical and realistic advice.
​Currently Nigel is a spokesperson for the British Dietitian Association, adviser for the British Menopause Society and the UK representative the Global Nutrition and Health Alliance. He is able to draw upon his experiences and knowledge to provide the best care for his patients.

Nigel’s professional ethos is simple:

No gimmicks, no diet fads and no quick fixes

Just good, evidence based nutritional advice to help you feel better.

Arrival from 6pm for welcome drinks.

Tickets are £5.00 with all proceeds being donated to a local charity. Follow the link to book your ticket now as we have limited availability.

Past Events:

16th January 2019 – New Year, New You!  Exclusive Weight Management Workshop –

Start your weight loss journey!
Its time to start thinking of those New Year Resolutions and weight loss has been at the top of the list for many people each year however sticking to a diet can be hard work.
Don’t worry we are here to help.

12th December 2018 – How to improve the symptoms of IBS in time for Christmas.

Are the symptoms of IBS affecting your life? Do you struggle on a daily basis? We can help!

You don’t need to put up with the bloating, abdominal pain and anxiety of IBS especially at Christmas time.

This workshop will begin to give you the tools you need to help improve your symptoms and to also learn more about the condition. Have a chance to meet the team and discuss your treatment options.


27th SEPTEMBER 2018 – Health and Lifestyle advice for the whole family! From child to adulthood
Delivered by our panel of experienced healthcare professionals with your best interests in mind

The evening will be led by our very own internationally recognised Dietitian, Nigel Denby, Dr Tim Ubhi paediatric consultant and Dr Rob Grabowski from Haxby Family Dental.

The event will give you expert practical advice to provide you with the advice you need to improve your family’s health and lifestyle.

The evening will be focused in three parts

·      Nigel Denby, our in-house internationally recognised Dietician will lead with a two-part workshop providing practical tips to improve your family’s health and lifestyle, through simple changes to your diet. Let your children grow with a healthy relationship with food and improve your own health and weight at the same time!

·      Dr Tim Ubhi, our in-house consultant paediatrician will be discussing the common problems seen in child development and what to look out for as your child grows.

·      Dr Rob Grabowski, an experienced family and restorative dentist will discuss the importance of promoting good oral hygiene and to give you some tips on how to lead by example for good oral hygiene.

The evening will conclude with questions to our panel.