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Fertility Services

Here at Stonegate Medical Clinic we understand that it is important for you have access to the support you need on your reproductive journey whether you already have children or if you are looking to start a family.

We can offer a variety of different blood tests needed for IV treatment and fertility testing and can also offer GP support and mental wellbeing services to ensure you have access to the help and advice you need.

For clarity of testing it may be advisable to arrange a GP consultation so we can fully understand what stage you are at and advise the most appropriate test for you.
Simple tests may be suitable for a shorter blood taking appointment.
Please be aware that the blood test consultation is merely for blood taking only and is not a GP consultation. Should you feel you may require information regarding the tests you have requested or would like to discuss any concerns with the doctor we would be more than happy to book you in for a GP consultation rather than a Blood taking consultation which is an additional £25.00.

GP consultation – £75.00
Blood taking appointment – £65.00

Common blood tests:

·     Pregnancy test – £47.50
·     Blood group – £49.50
·     Progesterone – £42.50
·     Early follicular phase FSH – £42.50
·     LH – £42.50
·     Oestradiol – £42.50
·     AMH – £102.00
·     Prolactin – £42.50
·     TSH – £42.50
·     Lupus Anticoagulant + Anticardiolipin antibody -£91.00
·     B2 Glycoprotein Antibody – £97.00

Harmony Testing: non-invasive blood test for down syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau’s syndrome

Total package £405.00

This includes a 20 minute appointment with the doctor and a follow up call to discuss the results once returned.

Please be aware that if any results were returned as high risk you would need to follow this up with your NHS provider as they are more appropriate to deal with the next steps required for your care.

Recommended sexual health tests:

·     HIV – £44.50
·     Hepatitis B Immunity – £41.50
·     Hepatitis B core Antibody -£44.50
·     Syphilis IgG/IgM – £50.50
·     Chlamydia urine test or swab – £62.00

Smear test: £180.00 results usually received within 5-7 days

(All fees are correct at time of publication)