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Menopause Health Checks

The Simple Menopause Health Check is designed for ladies who may already have a menopause diagnosis or if they would like to confirm a diagnosis. The doctor will be able to discuss your concerns and give advice on lifestyle and treatments to consider.

What is included: £125.00 (extension fees apply)

  • 30 minute appointment with the doctor
  • Lifestyle discussion
  • Management and treatment advice
  • Optional Menopause Profile Blood Test to help confirm the diagnosis and give additional advice  (+ £114.00)

The Complex Menopause Health Check is a specifically designed health check for women around the time of the menopause who would like a comprehensive overview of their health. In this 60 mintue appointment you will have the time to discuss your concerns with the doctor and to formulate a treatment plan and lifestyle recommendations, which may help you in the future.

What is included: £250.00

  • 60 minute appointment with the doctor
  • External referral included if needed
  • Prescription included if needed
  • Lifestyle advice including sexual health discussion and weight management
  • BMI and blood pressure readings
  • Management and treatment advice
  • Additional Optional Risk assessment including:
    • Cardiovascular assessment blood tests £60.00 + HBA1C £41.00
    • Cancer risk including breast exam and self-exam advice
    • Smear test £69.00
    • Ovarian cancer screening (if indicated, including blood test and pelvic ultrasound referral £96)
    • Osteoporosis – risk profiling (frax) – Possible referral for DEXA scan
    • Menopause Profile Blood tests £114.00
    • Vitamin D blood test (if recommended by the doctor) £63

(Please be aware that testing fees are correct at time of publication and are subject to changes)


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