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Executive Coaching

Stonegate Medical Clinic has built a relationship with Sonia Saxton from Saxton Partners to be able to deliver a fully comprehensive service for corporate businesses. Providing the platform you need to continue your success.

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a professional relationship between a trained coach and a client with the goal to enhance the client’s leadership or management performance and development. The coaching focuses on achievable goals and the understanding of the client’s place within the business to help move from where they are now to where they see the business growing to in the future.

Getting started

At Saxton Partners you have guaranteed peace of mind, that your money is well invested. All your Programmes will carry a guarantee, that within three sessions of two hours, all those being coached will achieve a minimum of eighteen improvements in performance, or your money back! Who else provides that?

The short video below will give you an insight on what to expect from your coaching sessions, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the team directly.

Before you start your coaching

We recommend before embarking on a Coaching Programme, we have a meeting to get to know one another, and listen to the things you want to achieve. Your session will include detailed reports on your motivations, behaviours and an employers perspective report on what it is like to work with you. Having a detailed analysis in front of you; with facts on which to build, you can form an Action Plan for moving forward.

As part of this session, we will also give you some coaching, so that you have a ‘taster’ experience of what can be achieved, and the benefits of this approach.

Booking your appointment

The Stonegate Medical Team will be happy to take your initial enquiries, please call us on 01904 631815.

Sonia Saxton

Sonia is an experienced ‘Corporate Specialist’ who has demonstrated a track record with organisations who want results you can measure.   With over 30 years’ experience of working with corporates and S.M.E’s including Pfizer; Neoss; National Health Service; Commissioning Services; Takeda, Slumberger, Orica; Call Credit, Christeyns; Academy for Chief Executives, and many others.

She is known for her unique guarantee on work.  She states if you don’t get at least eighteen examples of how her work has made a difference, she will refund your money!  She believes results are achieved by respecting the unique needs of everyone in the team, with a structured plan for achievement.  Her Seminars are both practical and stimulating, with the emphasis on application.  Having designed her own models for coaching on a ‘one to one’ and group work; she also owns her own patented diagnostic tool called CORE®, producing detailed analysis of motivations and inhibiting behaviours; producing results for those who have access to the tool in less than half an hour.  An essential part of her cultural change Programs for making teams more productive.

She qualified early on as a Trainer with the ‘Institute of Personnel and Development’ and then as an International Trainer at the NLP University in California and in Copenhagen as a registered Trainer with the Association of International Trainers. Sonia’s specialism is teaching others how to resolve those behaviours that block use of true potential using advanced linguistics and behaviour analysis. Her technical ability has resulted in her running exclusive courses for senior management in how to use these tools for themselves; resulting in registered qualifications with the relevant bodies when signed as competent by her company.

Sonia is a member of ‘Association of Business Psychologist’s’; registered with ‘International Association of Trainers’;‘Speakers Association’ and ‘Presidents Chamber’. Clients comment that Sonia is intuitive, challenging and will stretch you until you achieve what you want, enabling a strong level of emotional resilience for those who work with her.

Radio Interviews

Sonia is actively working to help professional clients reach their full potential. To find out more please follow the link below to her recent radio interview.



David Bailey – Parker Hannifin
“SAXTON PARTNERS’ have made a significant impact on the development and effectiveness of a number of senior executives in Parker Hannifin. Saxton Partners offer expert resources with a unique ability to help executives dramatically improve their personal performance, inter-cultural relationships and business focus with a definite P&L effect”.

Gary Stewart – Northern Rail
“Gave me a level of confidence that previously was not possible. Having something that was guaranteed and specifically tailored to my needs really worked.”

Cathy Murton – Which
“The coaching I received from Saxton’s has been a truly positive experience. I was sceptical at first, but once I met Sonia and started to work with her I instantly wanted to learn more! My colleagues have commented on my increased confidence, which in turn, has been invaluable in enabling me to truly enjoy my demanding role and make the most of new opportunities that have since come my way. It has made me realise my abilities, fulfil my goals and really relish juggling the myriad of challenges that we all face at work and at home on a daily basis. I would highly recommend the courses and coaching that Saxton’s offer and believe that there really is something for everyone. The time spent ‘away from the office’ quickly pays dividends when you return!