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Relationships Therapy

Relationships are an essential part of our lives however when issues occur it can be hard to know what can help or if there is a solution to these issues

Therapy may be the way forward

Difficulties in relationships are one of the most common causes of unhappiness. Therapy can help explore these issues and give you a safe and supporting environment to find a way through these hard times.

Relationships therapy is not only for couples, it can help with any relationship, whether this be with your friends, family members and even work colleagues.

Our experienced therapist can help with the following issues:

Family stress:  

  • Parenting problems
  • Struggling to bond with baby
  • Insecure attachment
  • Out-of-control teenagers

Couple stress:

  • Unresolved conflict, frequent arguments
  • Power struggles, passive aggression
  • Incompatibility, commitment issues
  • Criticism, contempt
  • Defensiveness, withdrawal
  • Poor communication, misunderstandings
  • Lack of closeness, drifting apart
  • Intimacy issues, sexual problems
  • Infidelity, jealousy
  • Separation, divorce

 Carer stress:

  • Coping when a family member has a physical or mental health condition, or emotional-behavioural problems

Work place stress:

  • Problems dealing with stress and colleagues within your working environment


Your Therapist:

Nicola Walker is a qualified Group Analyst, accredited Cognitive and Behavioural Therapist, Registered Mental Nurse, Couples Counsellor and Psychosexual Therapist, and has achieved the introductory level Systemic Family Therapy qualification (AFT accredited).  She is currently studying for a doctorate in CBT.

Nicola has considerable clinical experience working with couples, families, individuals and groups as a specialist, highly specialised and senior adult psychotherapist and counsellor in a number of settings such as the NHS, Children’s Services, Private Health Care organisations, and in different voluntary agencies including MIND and Relate. She has particular expertise in working with couples, and is a member of the BABCP Couples Therapy special interest group.  Most recently she was employed as a Consultant Psychotherapist to lead on and evaluate a pilot project offering mentalisation-based treatment for couples experiencing high conflict in consultation with Tavistock Relationships.

Nicola adopts an ethical and compassionate approach to helping clients find new ways of making sense of their difficulties, new ways of changing what they recognise as unhelpful patterns, and new ways of relating to themselves and to others.


How to book:

To arrange your appointment please call the reception team on 01904 631815.

Nicola is registered with all main health insurance providers.